McDave Agaba, Writes On Leadership, Power, Influence

McDave Agaba, Writes On Leadership, Power, Influence

There is no doubt that Leadership is everyday phenomenon in human affairs.

Many authors have come up with different views on subject matter; thus, in the similar vain, McDave Agaba, a senior Lecturer of Kogi State University, come up with his on view on what he entitled as; LEADERSHIP, POWER, INFLUENCE AND TEAM SPIRIT: MAXIMIZING THE QUADRUPLETS?

Let us read what he has to say.

“Over time now many authors have done and written several works on leadership.

This becomes prevalent because of the importance of the subject matter.

In fact everything starts and ends with leadership according to one of the leading lights in leadership training….John C. Maxwell.

According to him, leadership is everything: when a nation succeeds or fails, blame it on leadership.

Same to every organization and even to the families.

It was on this note that Donald Trump said and I quote ” The word leadership is always hard to define because you see many people who are different and they’re great leaders.”

This singular assertion holds therefore, that mentorship is the key to leadership development and training though the socialization agencies for the transfer from one generation to the other.

Top on our priority today is looking at leadership beyond ruling, bullying and dictatorship to that of team spirits whereby the hidden potentials of the led can be maximized for utmost performance and productivity that can lead to confidence and self reliance.

Taking our lead from a quote by Donald Trump in the Apprentice, a documentary, movie and later a book… Talking about team spirits, Trump writes “success breeds success.” In similar vain, George Steinbrenner observes that ” to build confidence in the people who work for you, don’t make yourself too important.

If you start putting all the attention on yourself, that’s not right. You’ve got to be willing to put it on the people that are around you.”

The qualities that therefore make a great leader according to Greenberg is somebody treating his associates with dignity and care so they’re all on the same page and team.

And he or she better be smart and not stubborn, and be ready to admit mistakes as soon as possible.”

Driving this further, ” you’ve to show you’ve confidence in the team’s abilities.

If you put them together you must have confidence in their abilities.

Think big, act big, be big- Norman Vincent Peale used to say that.”

The importance of leadership can’t be better explained than how Trump put it again! ” Ultimately, lack of organization is lack of leadership, and you can’t succeed with lack of leadeship.”

On a final note….” If you pick the right person, you’re a hero; If you pick the wrong person, you’re a bum.

Therefore, as a leader, surround yourself with smart people; People smarter than you’re and don’t ever be afraid of talent.

Above all as put by Trump, ” The quality of a great leader that I’ve seen that’s common to all is respect.

The people have to respect you or you cannot be a leader.”

There’s therefore, a difference between a leader, dictator, tyrant, and a bully.

In TEAM MACDAVE, our core value developing talents and entrench hope and believes in young people through mentorship, team spirits and respects for individuals difference.

McDave Agaba

Senior Lecturer

Dept Of Social Science

Kogi State University,



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